My horn is on it's last legs...

As the subject line, it’s fucked.

How easy would it be to replace? Have no idea about bike mechanics so would pay if anyone would be willing to replace it for me.

Highly complicated I will change it for ya … £50 quid will do it :smiley:

That’s generous NumNum, for that sort of work I’d charge at least £100! :smiley:

il do it for a crate of Bud’s (delivered)

A very difficult task is replacing a horn, doubly so if it’s a twin horn set up like Kawasaki have. I mean, what colour do you want, black or chrome? What shape? Do you want air horns, cow horns or a bell? Do you want to relocate where they are to somewhere else? So much to worry about.

Once you get that part sorted its dead easy. Undo the nut and bolt holding the old horn, put on the new, and connect the two wires to the new horn… universal standard connections. At worst you might have to remove the fairing for access.

You make it sound so easy!

More than happy to help FOR FREE!

Its as simple as ordering a new horn (They’re universal)
Removing 1 nut, disconntecting two wires and then doing the reverse on the new horn…

It is.

Except forchoosing what horn, if you put it somewhere else (what bracket and where) andif you have to remove fairing panels.

It can betime consuming if you have to remove fairings.

This is true. The standard horns are universal but there are uprated ones. Louder and such.

PM me and I’ll help however I can.

Get a Dukes of Hazaard horn :smiley:

I haven’t had the horn since 1987.

With an air horn you connect the two wires to the air pump rather than the electrical horn. The difficult part is placement as the air pump and horns are larger than the original horn so can’t fit there.

I used to have twin air horns on my RD250 after reading a feature about horns in ‘On Your Bike’. I think it is sad how the new generation of bikers have no access to all that bikers lore which you could read about everywhere back in the 80’s and earlier.

As my older brother commented on bikes when I got my first one (RD250), the old Brit bikes unlike the Jap ones broke down all the time, but because they did we all ended up knowing the roadside repairs as second nature. My RD had quite a few road side repairs too :slight_smile:

My horn is not working either so I might need your expertise as well :slight_smile: Might be just a fuse though

Tom, try and find out why it’s not working first. It might just be a dodgy/rusty connection or something, in which case it’s even easier to fix.

the fuse won’t run just the horn, it’ll be running other things. check the labelling on your fuse box to prove this

Everything else seems to work so I’ll check that. I’m just hopeless when it comes to maintenance, gotta do one of the courses! :smiley:

i thought you dont need horns with big bike engines/exhausts

Well true, I’ve been using that instead of horn to let people know I’m there, but doesn’t work the same way when somebody cuts in front of you, I tried flashing my lights but that’s just pathetic :smiley:

is this thread just a huge euphemism? :smiley:

I want a Police siren :slight_smile:

The horn works a bit, it’s just very quiet and it’s not like the normal ‘beep’ it’s more of a raspy sound. Kind of as it it’s sturggling to exhale air.