My garage has been broken into - and I'm in Spain

This is a bit weird; I have just read an email (about 10 minutes ago) from my ma saying that my garage has been broken into but that nothing has been stolen or touched as far as she can see.
It happened at about 9pm last night (Saturday 15th).

The main problem is that I am not in London to deal with it and I’m worried that whatever skag who ‘had a go’ will be back for some easy pickings later on.

Apparently the police have been along, but did nothing.
I share the garage with another LBer who I am in the process of contacting, but I’d really appreciate the help of anyone who could just check in around SW15 and give things the ‘once over’.

She says a new lock is needed and that it will cost £120 - sounds like the sort of price someone could charge an old dear who knows no better, but I’m not sure what the damage to the door is.

Anyone who has a free Sunday and can lend a hand is much appreciated, please PM me or contact me via my website -
Or via FB.

Thanks very much!!

PM sent!

I’m up the road from Putney in SW18 - PM sent too if you need help.

Unless they were looking for something specific that you do not have ( or disturbed ) , they could be back .

Just read this,

Been away from the forum for a while, but I got a free day all day today if you need anything. I’m just down the road in Kingston. Let me know if you need anything


Thanks for the offers and thoughts so far. I’m still trying to contact basecamp to find out what has happened.

Does anyone have any suggestions for improved garage security?

Or any good locksmiths in the SW15 area?

The locksmith in Wimbledon, opposite sainsburys is good. Not sure if he fits or just supplies.

For security get a garage defender.

Cheers for the recommendation.

A locksmith has been sorted for tomorrow morning and it is being sorted.

glad to hear it,

yeah definitely get a garage protector!!! Worth their weight in gold.

Anything else you need just holla.


Thanks Chips!

just saw this G! this sucks! bit too far from you now but hope youfound someone to have a look?

Looks like you’re sorted, but I’ve got some spare capacity at my garage, not too far from you if you need to move some kit.

Re security, I used Andy Anchor Man, recommended by people here to fit a defender and ground anchor. Got a good deal and a good guy.

My garage door handle is wired to 240 volts:) seems to do the trick:cool:

Just dont forget that! :w00t::smiley: