My first week of riding in Landan Town....

******* ell, road rage,witnessing crashes, near miss myself(cagers fault). Level of concentration of needed is mental.

got lost everytime on the way back from work. Anyone know the quickest way from Weybridge to Docklands?

:laugh: Welcome to the madhouse :cool:

I think I actually enjoy riding in London more than I do in the countryside :w00t:

I agree. I love dogfighting through London! You know you’ve mastered the whole London thing when you can leave the couriers behind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to London style riding! :wink:

I think I do too. Just got back from a fantastic ride to Lands End but once back in the London traffic felt right at home again! :smiley:

It will take some getting used to but you’ll soon hone your survival skills and grow extra sets of eyes!

I used to hate riding in London Traffic - I’ve seldom felt so vunerable.

Just wait till it rains good and proper - dodging drain covers and road paint and cagers and cyclitsts and pedestrians and busses and taxis - its a veritable real life computer game!! :w00t: :w00t:

Then try all that at night on a cold ride home when its dark and you’ve cracked it!! :smiley:

Anyone know the quickest way from Weybridge to Docklands?

a complete disregard for the speed limit :smiley:

I counted about 20 speed cameras on route to work, but followed a biker dude doing about 70 in a 30 in central london…nuts.

Welcome to the jungle! :smiley:

I found that i’m quite partial to it too :D:D

Welcome to the jungle too!! My daily commute is completely mental also - way way way too many bus drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, cars, vans, lorries etc. The only answer is to commute in at 4am :wink:

I disagree with preferring London to the countryside - practising cornering on the twisty country lanes around box on a nice country bimble seems much more fun than riding the clutch every day in commuter traffic. :slight_smile:

Weybridge to Docklands - I think the best way is almost certainly A3 - Battersea - cross the river and get on the embankment and follow that all the rest of the way.