My first good wheelie

Iv had my moped on the road for one week now and im allready practicing pulling wheelies on an empty car park near my house

Not bad for my first stand up wheelie

Good work. It’s great what they teach you on a CBT these days :wink:

Did it pull to the left when you came down? Good to see you practicing off road :slight_smile:


No it came down nice and soft i cant keep them up for ages heres a better pic

And chears mate im not one of these so called PED BOYZ that fly around streets like there riding somthing stolen i go out of the way where theres no cars or people

Was that on the clutch or power?:slight_smile:

No it was on my body weight , good balance and throttle control

If you can wheelie a scooter then you cant wheelie pritty much anything

Used to have loads of fun trying to wheelie my old Aprilia SR125. Thinking of getting another ped for commuting and arsing around on. Good to see you practicing in the car park.

um :hehe:

If you can wheelie a scoot on the balance point, then you can indeed wheelie anything, the technique of getting the front up and airborne is another matter tho!:smiley:

youre TINY! :w00t:

my bad :w00t:

5.3 at 16 lol

i can keep it up for ages and jump speed bumps lol

i slow right down for them put all my body weight on the back then blip the throttle just as im going over it both wheels come off the ground

Nice one fella, good to see your having fun in a safe enviroment :smiley: Ive never been on a scooter… With a scooter though is the balance point easier to find as the engine is practically on the rear wheel?

well done you!!! i have to say its harder to wheelie a bigger geared bike though its alot easier if you have a bar brake. my mop-head is so easy to wheelie compared to me gixer i hardly ever wheelie me gixer any more its much better on track anyway;) i have yet to master the stand up wheelie on the ped but give me time and i`l get it just getting seat spreaders under controll now.

will be good to see you in a couple years down the line see if uve jumped on the stunt band wagon im sure terry-moto would be eager to help

wat area you from???

Hi mate thanks for the comment ;)iv only just start wheelieing it 3 days ago i seem to be getting them higher and longer. Its bloody hard to get it up with the lack of power i have

Im from sheffield mate

I struggle on my scooter because the lack of power it has and im not very strong and im only 5.3 and 8 and a half stone at 16 years old :hehe:

Heres my sat down wheelie but i prefer to stand up and put one leg over the back so i can get a better feel for how high it comes up

looks really cool dude :wink: