My first Dirt Bike Experience

Hey guys!!

Since most of you know, i’m currently in OZ living the life. I just though i post up some pics of my first dirt bike experience. I was at the Finke race which is held every year at Alice Springs. I hocked up with a few people I met along the way in the out back and camped the whole weekend. They had a 125 and 150 which I tried both. It totally amazing time i had on them and did’t manage to drop the bike when i hit my first sand dune…:smiley:

I did manage to cut my leg on the 150 kick start…:w00t:

Nice one, I had my 1st experiance on sunday too & loved it!

Can’t wait to go again! :slight_smile:

so what are you saying, a super moto on your return :slight_smile:

Haha… not yet, but I def had more fun on the dirt bike than the track day I did before I left…:w00t:

id be asking the question since your having so much fun on the other side of the world, would you really wana come back to london? :w00t: