My datatool 3 is faulty

It was like a nightmare. I woke up in the morning ready to go to work. I pressed keyfob button… no response from a bike.
Another strange thing: red led doesn’t flash as it always do. I’ve keep pressing keyfobs buttons for 10 minutes, no change. What the hell is going on. It’s 5.30 am and I must go to work!
I doing despiking the alarm as instruction said. what if that procedure will fail? To who I suppose to cal for help?

hey Pav! did you get this fixed??

if not one guy to call is Charley… he’s a member on here and a Datatool guy

Mines done exactly the same fuggin nuisance, gotta get bike to dealer to sort it out !!! This is a list of fitters they sent me or go to datatools website n type ya postcode in, hope it helps



Contact No.

JPM Security

South Wales

0292 088 4894


South West

0163 788 1143

PURESOUNDSBristol/ South West

07799 228 259Safe & Sound

South East/ West

0144 223 5591


01752 516 498


South East

0796 840 1273


South East

01708 505 500

Elite Motorcycle Services

South East

0163 423 9647

Mark Davall

South East

0127 942 3322

MHSS 1st

Peterborough (80 miles)

0116 271 8384

Peak Motorcycle Security


01733 345 118

07947 733 234



0192 323 1421

SAS Autocare


0783 155 5376



01942 887 133

On Ya Byke


0161 833 0882

M & G Hometune


0161 761 7696

Roy Collins M/cycle Security

North East England

0191 378 2142


Bolton 01204 493 135Indurate


01563 850 944

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.


Spencer Barnes
Technical Advisor

I’m sorted for a while. After couple conversations with Steve from Datatool and our Charlie I managed to bypass datatool and my bike is starting again. However I need to replace circuit board and 2 remote controllers. It’s gonna cost me 160 pounds. :frowning:

At the end of the day my bike is alive again. :slight_smile:

Ouch, that sucks!! So what happened to it then? Did something short out?

Sorry I couldn’t help you, I don’t know anything about Datatool alarms.

Datatool , knackered theres a shock, :D:D

It was a faulty receiver on PCB. I’ve bought a new one from Aye Motorcycles at Welling. It costs me 165 pounds :crazy: I fitted it back by myself to save cost. :cool:

Replacement in working fine. We will see how long until it broke again. :stuck_out_tongue:

This time I know how to bypass datatool and start my bike without any trouble. Hmm, maybe the only trouble I can get is the insurance.
Anyway I’ve set a pin override as well to protect me when keyfob will fail, I lost it or anythig like that. :hehe:


I had the same problem about a month ago and got a whole new alarm kit from ebay.
I called to ask him something and he took payment over the phone and charged me £10 less than if I had paid by paypal = £110 with free delivery. It means you will get your PCB and 2 FOBS and have the other bits as spares.|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14

Its easy to change once you’ve seen it done. Its not obvious what you are trying to remove - its the whole thing in the black alarm box. You need to disconnect the wires at their connector blocks and then pull the PCB out from the side opposite to where the wires go in as there is loads of silicone around the wires that you may need to cut to get the PCB out.

Oh but you need special tool to open the box as it has tamperproof screws.

Message me if any questions - not an expert but have just done it on my bike (well actually someone else did for me but I watched and held a torch!)

Good luck

Didnt read your last message properly!
At least its all working again and you dont have to wait days for something off ebay!

No problem, good you have your alarm problem sorted. :smiley:

mine aint yet :crying::crying:

Read pm I sent you. :smiley:

Hi guys, my Datatool system 3 is playing up, my key fob is broke and i only have the 1, i cannot disarm my bike. any tips on how to disarm or just turn it off. Cheers


Rip it out and bin it. Nobody listens to them and it can leave you stranded.

Cheers mate, will do. Pain in the arse.

BIN IT… :smiley: