My Current Daily Ride

Hi guys

I’m really getting itchy feet and need another bike!

My current ride has four wheels and is great fun

I’m located near Bridgend in South Wales.


Awwwwww mate i love that car!!!:D:P But stop it the guys on here are bikers…lol:w00t:

That is a nice car mate, although I suppose you will have solidarity with us lot because you must be as cold as us at the moment!!

definitely get a bike mate, we have another guy on the forum here (Yslart) who had a Dax (?) car and he has loved the transistion to 2-wheels…

Awesome car!! Would love to have one as well as the bike.

I bought my Atom 2 years ago. I was looking for a bike and watched Top Gear when JC said “you might be thinking of buying a big bike”.

I watched his test drive of the Atom and placed my order a week later. I hadn’t even seen or driven one, but I was hooked!

I must admit, I get a real buzz every time I drive it - awesome weather over the last 3 days so I’ve been using it as my daily drive to and from work. :slight_smile:



Nice one Atom:cool:

Our Yslart has a silly car like that too with a busa engine in…what lump is yours running?

Spose its the closest thing to a bike on 4 wheels eh?:w00t:

looks like the batmobile!:smiley:

Ariel’s punchline is “Less is More”!!All Atom’s are powered by the Jap version Honda K20A Civic Type R engine. My Atom is a 245bhp. I could supercharge it and take it to 300bhp. The Atom 3 uses the new Honda engine and the supercharged version is 325bhp.

They’re a riot to drive and great fun in this weather.


Awesome car! I’ve seen them go in the flesh. Nearest thing to an F1 car on the road, apparently? Not so good in this weather, but surely no worse than a bike, heh.

The Atom has a very good drainage system - two holes drilled through the bottom of ‘the tub’. Of course, this also reduces weight :w00t:

If any of you guys fancy a ride in an Atom, let me know. We have a thriving forum and only need an excuse to get out :slight_smile:

Have fun


PS I think the Caparo is probably closer to the performance of an F1 car but it can hardly be called a road car! It does cost a tad more too.