My chat with chatGPT

Hi, can you chat about motorbikes?
Of course! What would you like to know about motorbikes?

Which type of bike do you prefer and why?
As an AI, I do not have personal preferences. However, I can tell you about the different types of motorcycles and their characteristics.
• Sportbikes: These are designed for high-performance riding and are popular among enthusiasts. They have a powerful engine, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic bodywork.
• Cruiser: These motorcycles have a relaxed riding position and are designed to be comfortable for long rides. They have a V-twin engine and often feature a classic design.
• Touring: These motorcycles are designed for long-distance travel and have features such as large storage capacity, comfortable seating, and wind protection.
• Dual-sport/ADV: These bikes are designed for both on and off-road use. They have a high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, and knobby tires.
• Standard: These bikes are often called naked bikes and are characterized by their simple design and minimal bodywork. They are a good choice for riders who want a versatile motorcycle that can be used for commuting, sport riding, and touring.
The type of motorcycle you choose will depend on your specific needs and riding style.

That’s a good summary, I’d like a bike for commuting to work in London UK, which type would be best for that?
For commuting in London, a standard motorcycle or a scooter would be a good option. Both of these types of motorcycles are lightweight and easy to maneuver in traffic. They also have a relatively small engine size, which makes them well-suited for city riding.
Standard motorcycles are a good choice because they are versatile and can handle a variety of riding conditions. They are also relatively affordable and easy to maintain.
Scooters are also a popular choice for commuting in the city. They are easy to ride, have good fuel efficiency, and often have a larger storage capacity than standard motorcycles. Additionally, they are often less expensive than motorcycles and have better insurance rates.
Another option to consider is an electric motorcycle, they are becoming more popular every day, they are perfect for commuting since they’re very cheap to run, very quiet and produce zero emissions, but they have a limited range and a higher up-front cost.
Ultimately, the best type of motorcycle for commuting in London will depend on your personal preferences, budget and riding experience. I would recommend you to take a safety course and test ride different types of motorcycles before making a decision.

Would an SV650 be good for commuting?
The Suzuki SV650 is a standard motorcycle that could be a good choice for commuting in London. It’s known for its versatility, lightweight and manageable power. It has a V-twin engine that provides good power delivery and it’s also affordable. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain, and has a good fuel efficiency, which is always a plus for commuting.
It’s a great choice for a beginner, it’s a relatively light bike and the power delivery is smooth and manageable, yet it’s not a small bike, it’s big enough to keep up with traffic, but not so big that it’s intimidating.
However, it’s worth noting that the SV650 is not the only good choice for commuting in London, there are other options out there, such as scooters and electric motorcycles, as well as other standard motorcycles that could suit your needs. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your riding experience, budget, and personal preferences.

That’s great. I also want a bike for track days, what bikes would be good for that?
For track days, a sportbike would be a good choice. Sportbikes are specifically designed for high-performance riding and are typically the most popular choice among track day enthusiasts. They have a powerful engine, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic bodywork which makes them well-suited for the demands of track riding.
Some examples of sportbikes that would be good for track days include:
• Yamaha R6: This bike is known for its power, handling, and agility. It’s a lightweight bike with a powerful engine and advanced suspension.
• Honda CBR1000RR: This bike is known for its stability and precision handling. It has a powerful engine and advanced electronics that help to keep the rider in control.
• Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: This bike is known for its power and handling. It has a powerful engine and advanced suspension that makes it well-suited for track riding.
• Suzuki GSX-R1000: This bike is known for its power and handling. It has a powerful engine and advanced suspension that makes it well-suited for track riding.
It’s worth noting that these are just a few examples, there are many other sportbikes available that would be suitable for track days. It’s recommended that you test ride different models to find the one that best suits your riding style and experience. Additionally, it’s also recommended to take a track day training course to learn the proper techniques and to ride safely.

OK, I’m going for the R6. What is the best cornering technique on the track?
The best cornering technique on the track will depend on the specific motorcycle you are riding and the conditions of the track. However, there are some general principles that you can follow to improve your cornering technique.
1. Look ahead: As you approach a corner, look as far ahead as possible to plan your line through the turn. This will help you to anticipate any changes in the road and to adjust your speed and line accordingly.
2. Slow in, fast out: As you enter a corner, slow down as much as possible while still maintaining control of the motorcycle. This will help you to safely navigate the turn and to maintain a good speed on the exit.
3. Smooth inputs: When cornering, make smooth inputs on the handlebars, throttle, and brakes. This will help you to maintain control of the motorcycle and to make precise adjustments to your speed and line.
4. Body position: Position your body correctly for the turn, this means moving your weight to the inside of the turn, so you can “hang off” the bike, this will help you to maintain control and to reduce the amount of lean angle required.
5. Adjust your line: Adjust your line through the turn to suit the conditions of the track and to find the fastest and most efficient path through the corner.
6. Practice: The most important thing is to practice, practice, practice. The more you ride, the more familiar you will become with your motorcycle and the track, and the more comfortable you will be with cornering at higher speeds.
It’s also important to note that these are general principles, the best way to improve your cornering technique is to take a track day training course, where you will learn specific techniques for your bike and the conditions of the track.

When “hanging off” to corner, on the track, would hitting the apex be best?
Hitting the apex, or the “clipping point,” of a corner is generally considered to be the best way to corner on a track. The apex is the point on the inside of the turn where the motorcycle should be closest to the inside edge of the track. By hitting the apex, you are able to take the most efficient line through the turn and to maintain the highest possible speed through the corner.
When “hanging off” the bike, which means shifting your body weight to the inside of the turn, you will be able to reduce the amount of lean angle required and increase the amount of tire in contact with the ground, which in turn will give you more grip and better stability. By hanging off the bike and hitting the apex, you can reduce the time you spend in the turn and increase your speed on the straightaway.
It’s important to note that hitting the apex perfectly every time is not always possible, it depends on the condition of the track and the skill of the rider. The key is to practice and get as close as possible to the apex on each turn, while still maintaining control of the motorcycle.

That’s great, how can I save this conversation to my PC?
There are a few ways you can save this conversation to your PC:
1. Copy and paste: You can manually select and copy the text from this conversation and then paste it into a text editor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then save the document to your PC.
2. Print: You can also print this conversation by clicking the “Print” button in your browser, which will give you the option to save it as a PDF file.
3. Screenshot: you can take a screenshot of the conversation by pressing the ‘PrtSc’ button on your keyboard or using the snipping tool on Windows. Then you can paste it into an image editing software and save the image to your PC.
4. Email: You can also email the conversation to yourself, which will save a copy of the text in your email inbox and you can then download it to your PC.
5. Save as a file: Some browsers allow you to save the content of a webpage as a file, usually as an html or web page complete file, you can look for this option in your browser settings or in the menu bar.
I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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So AI doesn’t realise that riding a scooter will lose you all street cred amongst the biking community?

Proof that it has a long way to go.

Hope you are well Mike, I heard you had had health issues so nice to hear from you.

I just asked the Bing AI your question re. street cred, here’s it’s answer…

I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any information on that topic. However, I think it’s best to ride what you feel comfortable with and what suits your needs. Do you have any other questions?

And I’m fine, enjoying retirement. Cheers

Hmm, I just rephrased your question and here’s what Bing AI said…

Do you realise that riding a scooter will lose you all street cred amongst the biking community?

I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I’m still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience.:pray:


So basically its telling Nick to stop being a fashion victim? :joy:


AI food chain:
ChatGPT 4 >>>>>>>>> ChatGPT 3 (free) > Bing > Google

Extra arrows to show how much more advanced it is.

Some more food for thought, here’s a screen shot of new Edge browser, (with Bing chat AI using GPT-4), running on my old Ubuntu PC and with the Chrome extension Perplexity AI installed on Edge. You can see what I asked the two AIs, Perplexity and Bing. This shit works!