My CB500 with race can

This video doesn’t give justice to how loud it sounds.

Definitely need a baffle.

Nice :slight_smile:


The missfires in the exhaust are the best. Mine used to spit flames. One thing to note is I think they burn more oil with race cans on. I ran mine dry and unwittingly blew up the engine a while after I’d had the straight through pipe fitted. It didn’t seem to burn oil at all with the standard can.

It’s worth bringing a baffle to the MOT. It won’t make it much quieter but it’ll give them more of an excuse to pass it.

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dont baffle it…you pussy:D

Cheers guys. :smiley:
Thanks for the tip Joby…My missus CB burns some oil and I thought it need valve stem seals replacing but doing some research, it seems the engine can go to over 100k miles without much work, and so what you said makes sense now as she has an open pipe also.

Yes Ratster, I liked hers so much (kept borrowing it) that I bought one myself…Just doing some conversion on it. Rearsets and number board on the way :wink:

Yes I was informed that the engine was bomb proof, yet I still managed to blow it up, which suggests it was the modified pipe. Mind you letting your engine run dry of oil is a bit of a school boy error. I’m not sure of the exact engineering reason why it was burning so much oil though, maybe someone from OMC can tell us. There is no way it should have burned off all it’s oil between 4000 mile services though. Apparently it was bone dry when they inspected it which lead to the big end bearing failure.

Had it been re-jetted for the new exhaust?

If it was running lean, the engine would be running hotter. Perhaps that could lead to increased oil burning.

Not sure though,

I’m going to re-jet mine anyway…Just need to find where to buy the main jets.

Some recommend David Silver Spares.

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sweeeeeet, twin CBee’s! :smiley:

flat tracker style…i like it 'fro;)

great little bikes, so much fun!

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I MISS MY CB500. my old one was the ballacks :crying: