My bike is in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

I’ve just found out that my bike is featured in Classic motorcycle mechanics this month. I sent off an email a while ago to see if they’d feature it in “readers rides” or whatever the section is called, but didn’t hear anything back so I assumed it wouldn’t go in. I just went on the UK HONDA SOHC4 forum and there’s a thread about it in there!! Apparently it’s in the October (this months) issue.

I’ve just ordered a copy. It’s probably just a small pic but still :smiley:

From the photos I’ve seen, that’s well deserved.

Gonna make selling easier if/when you decide.

Good luck

I knew some of the scooters used older mechanicals but isn’t that taking it a bit far ? :slight_smile:

Contact the mag and they’ll probably send you one for free.