My beautiful cat, Loopy has just died

Dear folks

My beautiful cat, Loopy, died about half an hour ago. He was a true friend, the most individual and amazing cat that ever lived. I’m just gutted, really really upset about it. He was really special, fluffy and looked like a persian, although he was just a mongrel.

I was going to go to the BM tomorrow but am too sad now.:crying:

RIP Loopy - the most amazing cat ever.


RIP loopy…

i have 4 cats, fudge, toffee, annie and berice…love em to bits, fudge is my boy, hes a big aggy ginger cat, he lives under me bed!

annie is the oldest at 13.

i know how it feels to lose a pet, had to have my g.sheperd put down 3 years ago, he was teh biggest GS you’d ever seen, i loved him to bits…i grieved for ages when he passed away.

replace them, but never forget them.:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Loosing a kitty is never easy. Family always have had cats, and no matter what happens is amazing the hold they take on your life.

Sorry to hear the loss, but come down to BM anyway and get some tea and sympathy. Will make it better.

Awww, sorry to hear this :frowning:

RIP Loopy

Ratty i love your cat annie, she was soo lovely when i wnet round yours - almost wanted to take her home!

I really sorry to hear you lost you cat - i know how it feels. I had to have two put down due to old age and the thrid one had been run over by some fg b*d that never thought to tell anyone once he had done it. My mum ended up finding him.

I still have three lovely cats which i lost.

Just remember the good times.

Ratty i love your cat annie, she was soo lovely when i wnet round yours - almost wanted to take her home!


lol should would let you take her too! annie loves being made a fuss of, you havent seen fudge yet or berice or toffee, toffees a bit feral tho!

as kevsta said hels, come to BM, it will make you feel better, there will be a few cat lovers:)

sorry to hear that

Awwwww sorry to hear that hels:crying: i love cats but i’d only have a cat if it did’nt go out as i’d worry to much…Get a pic and get it in a frame so you can look back at fond memorys of your furry friend:D

Dont worry theres loads of other cats out there.

Am sorry to hear that hels

Sorry to hear it Hels. Mine died a couple of years ago, nearly 16 and still cute to the last.

a big fluff ball! she was a beauty hels,

my berice looks the same but shes jet black:)

Aww she looks like one of my girlfriends cats.

Its amazing how pets become like family members.

Sorry to hear :frowning:

Sorry news Hels.

RIP Loopy:crying:

Thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes. I know it’s far far worse of course when a person dies and it seems trivial somehow to get so sad about a cat, but I did love him dearly.

He wasn’t that old either, but he apparently had a bad heart. His death was triggered by a shock on Monday, the vet said. He was fine when he went out on Monday morning, but then somehting happened in the day to shock him, because he did not come to greet me and was found in a gap by the garage, very very upset and howling. He was moving very slowly and looked as if his world had just caved in. He stayed at the vets and was given oxygen, but then passed away today.

He has just been buried under the rose bush. I will miss him a lot as he was a true diamond, a cat amongst cats. He loved the bike too and always ran out when he heard it coming down the street.

Thanks so much folks anyway


sorry to read that & btw, - it’s not trivial at all to be upset by a cat passing away.
better than humans any day!.

Sorry to hear about this.