My Apollo Orion 50cc

i have my Apollo Orion rxtreme 50cc and I’ve been trying to find ways to derestrict the bike to make it go faster in acceleration as well as top speed, I can just about hit 37 mph but need it faster, I have put a derestricted cdi unit on it and took all the funnels in my exhaust but hasn’t made much difference at all, I assume there’s a lot to be done and would like to know whatever I can do to help my slow Chinese bike get faster.

Thanks Swainyy

37mph… lol my Direct Bike 50cc could do 45mph!!!


Hate to be the one to break the news but a 50cc is lucky to hit 37.

Most 125’s wont do much over 65 if that.

go have a big poo

With a bit of inspiration and engineering you could build a 114mph 50cc like THESE GUYS… :w00t:

It depends how committed you are to the cause… Below are some options depending on level

Diet and poo (as per Mian’s suggestion)
Shave all body hair
Cut any unwanted body parts off
Move to the top of a hill so at least one way is faster
Strap it to a car and get it to push/ pull you along
Fit nitrous oxide
Find a way to modify a jet engine to fit
Fit a sail to it on windy days

Honestly though dude… do you really need to be fiddling with it? Just live with it until you can move to a bigger bike…