My 30th time to Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hey guys and gals its my 30th on the 5th of april, im having a do on the 4th of april (saturday) in the south okendon villiage social club from 7.30pm till 12. DJ, Big hall and a big bar, all invited if ya wanna come the invite is open.


sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

hey andy, ya know my mate nicky, your both mates with alan? more the merrier, lets all get everyone together and have a good old jolly knees up. the club is in canterbury parade south road.

Thanks for the text luvvie sounds like its gonna be a good night:D i have put it on the calendar;)

I can feel a rideout coming on…impress the natives wont it :D:D

shall we??

GSXRTT tell me you WILL be playing slipknot:D \m/

it my birthday on the 4th:D seeing as i have no m8’s i could crash your party:hehe:

Well you could have but now you have told him your name won’t be on the list:D

yes mate thats me

mad dog your more then welcome to come along. as i said more the merrier. il sort out full address later on.

Address for the partyyyyy;

South okendon village social club,south road, Canterbury parade, Essex RM15 6NH


Iain aka GSXRTT

Bump, guys and girls its a week to go till the party, the lovely wasp is coming and few others, invite is open to all. if ya gonna ride be safe, there is a massive car park etc for bikes any probs call me 07929864502 or text.

hey, its my birthday on the 5th too :cool:

What you doing for yours??:smiley:

See Mad Dog’s reply above, I think that’ll apply to Steve as well?!? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

well who ever has the same birthday can gate crash mine lol


Sorry Iain can’t make it…hubby is whisking me off for the weekend :smiley:

Hope you have a smashing party though;)