Music festival by bike

Last night we booked to go to the Fairport Convention festival at Cropredy in the summer. It seemed like a good idea at the time since both my girls have just booked to go to the Reading festival with their friends, however I’m not really a folk music type and don’t know of any of their music. And they must all be at least 100 years old.

I noticed that bikers get free camping and parking, cars have to pay.

Anyone ever been to this festival or any other music festival where bikers get their own field?

As an aside, did anyone go to a Crazy Daze festival at Lydd, Kent in the 90’s? Run by the Hells Angels I believe.

The only festivals I’ve been to by bike have been for work and I could park backstage :slight_smile:

I don’t think there was any special parking at them and most of the parking is generally in fields. Which is ok if you remember to take a puck to out the side stand on and it’s not too wet. You then just walk your kit to where ever the campsite is.

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Cropredy is a lovely festival, yes pretty folky especially in the daytime. One stage only, great cider, good food, gentle and friendly crowd, lots or kids and dogs on strings. There’s a couple of pubs nearby you can wander along to and hear other music. I can’t remember exactly where but the fry up by the canal is v good. Banbury isn’t far if you forget anything. The biker field is essentially the cricket ground so absolutely flat and very short grass. I’m probably past actual camping so next time I go it’ll be a camper van which is a separate field.
I couldn’t recommend it more to be honest, it’s the kind of festival people go to again and again.
It’s not all folk music either. I saw Emmylou Harris, Dreadzone and Level 42 last time.

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I’m really looking forward to going, thanks for your response.