Murray or Federer tonite?

OK…Don’t know how many of you will watch this evening, but who will win?

Can Murray take the final step to a masters win? or will Federer be too experienced. It seems Murray is playing the better tennis and hopefully he can hold his nerve. He seems a very laid back guy.

He is a great player but a Twat.

Tough one… I really hope federer wins tonight, just beacuse i think his record at the US open is stunning.

Murray is a good player, but I think Federer is amazing and after the tough time he’s had recently and the poor form, I wantt o see him back to his best!

Come on Roger!

He speaks highly of you…:w00t:

He’s not the best on camera (a dour Scot !) but he can win this… Why do we Brits love to knock what few winners we have??

Considering that Murray refused to support England in the football when scotland didn’t qualify, the miserable twat can go forth and multiply. Hope he loses.

:D:D “we lost (again!) so hope he does”…:wink:

Pegged you a bit higher than that;):hehe::hehe:

Federer is a w+nker (Ooops…5-2 up at the moment) Come on Jimmy get intae him…:smiley:

6-2 First set to Federer
Can’t see Murray coming back from here.

What you mean that I wouldn’t be so petty? When England are out of the running in the Rugby, Football or any sport I will support the other home nations, and still will.

It is just that he is a miserable England hating little turd, and I will not support him in the least.

GO FEDERER!!! :smiley:

Oh really!!! Look what happened to Hamilton yesterday:D

What , even the Welsh???

Even the Welsh, hell I support Ireland against France in the Six Nations!

Tsk !:wink: