Multi-Bike insurance

Hey all,

I’m looking to get a second bike, and as my commuting mileage is about to go up the quotes seem to be silly high!

Had a quick look at multi-bike cover, but after filling it out on a couple of sites they all say call us. Anyone have some recommendations? or is the general consensus go with single policies but then how would the NCB work?

Answers below please

I had multibike policies through MCE and CIA (brokers)

When you say stupidly expensive,do they outline how much the first bike insurance is Vs the second one? I seem to remember they used to do that for me.

To be honest back then I was paying through the nose anyway (number of accidents and speeding points) and didn’t use online very much. I was also phoning around but back then no kids so had plenty of time.

In the end don’t feel like I ever needed 2 ncbs so for me having them on one policy was just the most convenient.

Not sure if you could get them to do one for commuting, the other for social only? Would that make a difference?

I have one with wicked quotes but was also told to use bemoto.

I think you can have one for commuting and the other for social pleasure.

I’ve had multi-bike policies for years with MCE. They were cheaper than separate policies for sure.

I’m with bike-sure, but was mce before.

MCE have been the only company that ever really come out reasonably for me on multibike cover - your single ncb applies to both bikes so you don’t have to reset one to zero. In all other respects it’s like insuring them separately, you can specify entirely separate mileages and uses for both. It’s a shame there’s no price comparison sites for multibike but in any case, mce would likely work out cheapest. If you do large mileages you’ll be surprised at how often the bloody thing breaks so insure both for commuting if it’s important that you still have a bike to get to work. My mileage keeps changing but last estimate I think I was on for 25k miles a year and it’s a running joke how often my garage sees me - having two bikes at least gives you the breathing space to get the bike fixed or wait till a weekend/evening where you have time to bodge it yourself

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Also it depends on the bikes that you have. I couldn’t convert to a multi bike policy several years ago as the policy that covered the 990 SMT was a specific KTM policy and to convert to a multibike policy was going to cost more than two separate policies.

Hey SR.

I’m going to do roughly 20K in commuting a year (pending house move goes through).Funny enough, reason I’m keeping my other bike is for exactly what you say, gives me some breathing room when I need to work on one of them.

Seems MCE is the chose of the masses, I did do an online but they were one of the ones to call so I think I’ll follow up with them.

Cheers for the feedback so far.

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I’ve used Lexham insurance in the past for a multi bike policy. Very reasonable in price.
Though currently with Devitt and individual policies as it worked out a bit cheaper even when I took hit of having no claims assigned to the other bikes.

That is really handy to know, as I’m with them now and my renewal is due in a couple of weeks so will defo enquire there.


Lexham were the cheapest for years for me, bizarrely only when I moved 2 years ago 1.6 miles up the road did anyone else manage to beat them.

When I was running a few quotes it actually worked out cheaper for me to have 2 policies. What I’ll probably end up doing is moving the xv over to a classic policy as it’s over 20 years old when I find another bike.