mullerd headrace bearings...

im bloody gutted…get a notch that makes it horrible to bang over at medium/high speed and the front end is really tight…

im getting them sorted next weekend,but it explains alot of things about how the bike has been handleing…in terms of ease of entering and exiting a decent corner or bend…feels like im fighting with the bike at times…its quite frustrating really…:cool:.

so anyways…i just needed to vent my frustrations

not so smiled:cool:.

Had to have mine tightened as they were loose, bike is only about 8 months old and never wheelied in anger. Feels better now

come an see me shane :slight_smile:

did mine today…

Adz - does the blood cost extra???

At last it sank in that something wasn’t right with your bike Shane. You thought we were taking the **** at Brands when we said something wasn’t right with the front end of your bike, the steering was hard…really hard, bearings was mentioned as was other things, can’t believe you didn’t notice it before.

Glad you’re going to get it sorted.