Mucky Duck 6th July 2005

Ok. Shall be at BOX HILL and then running to the BLACK SWAN public house in OCKHAM. Meeting BOX HILL by 20:00 hours. There will be a number of peeps from the forum in attendance. Track day virgins who are doing Brands the next day so no windups or scaring them!

Cool, assuming it’s dry, we’ll be there fella! No wind-ups I promise!

sorry mate, am doing Brands eve session tomorrow… next time.

Chuffster… Should be there weather permitting… Oh… I promise nothing!!! He he…

Ben… I did the GP circuit at Brands yesterday… Wow, what an amazing experiance… Totally threw me coming onto Surtees, I wanted to carry onto McLaren! The back end of the track was something else man…

Busy at Brands this week isn’t it. I am there Thursday evening! Only the Indy circuit though but already done the GP this year. Back end of the circuit is great on the SV, you can totally take the pee through the dingle dell section.

I’ll try and meet up with you lot at the Mucky Duck just depends when me kids go back to thier Mothers.

which way do you all get there from boxhill?

do you go via newlands corner?

Chuffster, meet you at Box.

Do you guys go down the A3? - This is the only way I know, must be a better route, mind you its only a short trip.

Well we went, we saw, we chatted, we had a good time and then we RAN! Surrey Vikings and the Road Rats decided to have a go at bare knuckle fighting at the end of the evening. As reinforcements were being gathered from different places myself and the boxhill crew made a tactical and very hasty retreat.

To the guys from here I met, thanks for turning up. Hope you all got home safe and sound.

Hi Chuffster,

Good to meet you at last, was a good night, we shot off to Horton for a bit of fun, enjoy Brands tonight.

Will be in touch about the SRAD bits soon.


Dam, we cleared off at the wrong time

Good to meet ya Chuffster, can now put a face to a name.