MT07 Race Blu Stolen SW11

Within the last 20 minutes or so my beloved MT 07 has been theived from outside my workplace … sorry this is my 1st post …

Distinctive Race Blu (grey / blue frame / blue wheels) with Akra exhaust … registration is MT07ZZZ

Any sightings - I’d be delighted to get my hands on them & possibly it!

where do you work mate?

sorry in title missed that

Crap I’m in SW17 so not far. Will keep my eyes out. The reg is very distinctive but they might not keep that on. Hope you get it back!

Thanks guys … Police reckon it was a job, not the local youth so no chance of seeing her again. Physical security might have slowed them down but not stopped them was their opinion - but doesn’t appear the datatool S4 went off at all.

Shared on the MT-07 owners group.