MT-03 stolen

I got home on Wednesday to find an empty spot where my bike should have been. Absolutely gutted. I’d only had it 4 months and hadn’t even taken it properly out of London yet.

Black (not the coloured wheels version), 2017, had a topbox and small screen.
Bike details and photo

Bummer. Sorry to hear this.

Feck sorry hear this. Especially annoying you’ve not had it long.

I’m sorry


Damn, sorry to hear this Becky. Hope it finds it’s way home.

gutted so sorry its awful

Do you have a picture? Oh sorry just saw the link. We’ll look out for it. Swing by the local estates with a mate. Sometime they park it up for a few days to see if it has a tracker.

Cheers. I had a wonder around half the estate I’m on earlier but I’ve still got a fair bit left to do. Got my hopes up briefly when I saw one under the same kind of cover, complete with top box, but it was a different bike.

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Might be worth reaching out to Shane at bikerbiker.

He may know some local drop off spots in the area.

Can you give a location because I could look for it?


Cheers! I’ve DMed you with the road.