MSV track days Brands Hatch V.S Bedford Autodrome


I am gearing up to do my first track day with my own bike since Ron Haslam about 2 years ago. Bedford Autodrome and Brands hatch are about the same distance away but not sure which to go to. Granted that I am obviously a track virgin can anyone say if one is better or worse than the other. 

Also I am doing it with MSV, I am going for their general track day in the novice group. Has anyone used them before and would you recommend them.


I really liked Brands Hatch. Technical and exciting. You do get a lot of fun at that track and as it is small enough to learn it, you can get speed up more quickly than expected.


I go Bedford pretty regular never been brands,Bedford good for beginners super wide track loads of run off points and it’s 3 .2 miles so loads of room,brands is a pretty small and tight track ,would say Bedford will be better,was at Bedford 2 days ago with msv it’s always a smooth day at Bedford you don’t seem to get the moto gp wanna b’s there,will be at the next one 2 , post up if you get it booked


I’ve only been brands hatch once with msv it’s was a good day and they help you alot I agree with @commuter-boy the track is short and there are few over taking points so you feel like your holding people up at times.


Few over taking points at brands? Not sure about that. Can overtake pretty much anywhere on that track. It’s actially quite wide at brands but there are areas that don’t have much run off and you’re on the grass or in the gravel. Never been to Bedford but as it’s and old airfield I’d assume loads of run off and no gravel traps?

Go either I’d say but brands may be more interesting due to it being purpose built and some iconic corners


The track condition is better at Brands whereas Bedford has some groves where patches join…one right on an apex.
But Bedford has more corners and a lovely sweeping left out the back.
Bedford is also counterclockwise rather than clockwise so if you prefer left handers, Bedford is really good.


Bedford is normally cheaper than brands too !


I was leaning towards Bedford, for the same reasons, at least I know now the bits on MSV site isn’t just marketing splurge. I was wondering about that price difference, Brands is almost £30 more expensive. Are the sessions different or is it potentially down to what they pay to hire the track. 


Brands Hatch is a premium because it’s a internationally known circuit and probably has a few more facilities than the Bedford track.


OK so I have booked in for the general bike day on August 13th at Bedford. To those who have done it before with your own bikes how do you usually get them there. DO you just ride, do you have a trailer, is there a service you use?


I rode there… If you have access to a trailer or van, it’s a better way. Especially with this heat and being able to go home in comfort after a long day at the track.


Don’t forget duct-tape, cable-ties and a small toolkit :slight_smile:


Mate don’t jinx me it’s going to be an event free day :sweat_smile:



Have a great time. Take some photos for us.


I’ve not booked yet but I will probably be on this…I go in a van,what area you in .if you don’t feel like riding back can throw bike in van I head back to Edgware area,to get you up there in the van can be a bit of a logistics nightmare depending where you live,definitely don’t have time to load bike in van in the morning it’s an early enough start as it is.


I live in Reading so yeah logistics will be a nightmare. But thanks anyway. Will probably just rent a van, hopefully I can find one with the necessary brackets and a tail lift to make life a bit easier.


Booked on this aswell now,I set up right at the end of the garages opposite end from where burger van is ,will be n my own welcome to join,sure I meet you a couple of years ago on a jets rideout,I will be cherry red cbr 600rr at the track.


Yes I think so years ago when there where still ride outs on here :smile: I am on a red, white and black GSXR-750. See you there.


The day went well , met kcoops up there ,think he enjoyed himself,first couple of sessions a little damp then dried out nicely for pretty much incident free day,good group of friendly people up there even photographer was on top form ,next one is 24 sept if anyone interested…


Yup it was loads of fun, especially in the afternoon when it dried up. I was especially nervous about Rossi wanna be overtaking like idiots but none of that. I will be keen on the 24th of Sep, but will hold off and monitor weather as not really keen on another wet day after what I saw those spills early in the day.