MSG racing and of Course Scorch

doing a 2 in 1

First of all thank the Lord Scorch for doing a great job installing my new exhaust. He did a great job even though it was a pain in the ass to fit. (Sorry for ruining your Sunday)

I’m lazy and can’t be bothered with 2 posts but would definatly recomend MSG racing for sorting out power commanders. Again mine was a pain to fit but they where very freindly informative. They got the job done although it took a lot longer than anticipated. Big thanks the Sean!

All in all very happy with the results!

Come on then, show us the results :slight_smile:

+1 !

they’re on facebook.

Sorry it’s taken a while. Just got round to cleaning it today.

Witwooooo. I’m feeling slightly self conscious for finding an exhaust soooo attractive :smiley:


I keep reading this as 'Off Course Scorch".
Is he known for getting lost?

He’d need to get his bike back together to get lost:Whistling:

That pipe looks a bit fruity, bet your neighbours love you!

Especially when I leave for work at 5 am:D