Moving question

I’m moving house from Croydon to Bromley soon and looking for a transit or luton van with driver for a day to move the bulky items as I can’t get the sofa on the bike!

There are a few advertised but if anyone’s got a personal recommendation I’d be interested? Thanks


It’ll probably work out much cheaper to hire a van and drive yourself. I hired a transit all day for £39 to help a friend move a few weeks ago, she’d paid a lot more than that to hire a man and van to move the stuff into storage. I always use Kendall hire in Wimbledon, I think they have a few branches about

I rented a van from Enteprise… cost a bit more but tbh made the job so much easier that I was happy to pay and was very easy to arrange…


pm sent

oh yeah the other thing is to check if they have out of office drop-off for the branch you want to rent it from… I rented it from their Russell Square branch which did so it meant it was convenient and I didn’t have to pay the extra day… :wink: