Moving...but further away from London...Help?

So, I have had to hand in my notice at work, my bad back meant I had to find another job, which I have and it’s very exciting. But, I get to work from home, I just need to decide where this ‘home’ is going to be. I need to be withing an hour of Salisbury, and an hour of Basingstoke, and preferably not that far from the Ace, cos I can’t bear the thought of being too far from the Friday night necessity.

Any clever ideas? And anybody know of any places to rent? Up to about £650 a month?

just to get this straight in my mind, Basingstoke is 1 hour from Salisbury. so you can’t be any closer to London than Basingstoke? That’s a fair distance from the ace whichever way I look at it :frowning:

sounds like Berkshires the county for you Reading, Bracknell direction

Kevsta needs a flat mate and then you both could start the bad back club …lol

Watch it Ginger or I’ll hit you with my walking stick.

Have a loot at places between the M3 and M4.

Come and join Frenchie and myself in Bracknell, Berkshire. 30 mins to Basingstoke, 30 mins to the Ace.:stuck_out_tongue:

i didn’t know you were that way incline PJ So i take it your giving frenchie the bed baths…lol

Thanks peeps!!!

We did Bournemouth to Basingstoke in 50mins the other day, so we have some leeway with that. And it’s not essential to be within an hour, it’s a preference. But we do need to be fairly near Basingstoke.

Oddly enough PJ I had thought of Bracknell, it would be ideal but there’s not much in the way of 1 bed flats/houses in the budget we have to play with. Be pretty much bang on.

Kevsta…if you can hit him with a walking stick then you can’t be that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Newbury ?

guildford without a doubt

i used to live there, and as soon as i get the next oportunity hopefully this year, i will be moving back

Thanks kids! Newbury is a possible, but I’m more inclined with Bracknell etc. And Guildford is lovely, was there earlier this week, but again, we haven’t seen too many places available there.

Such a shame…I love my little cottage.

Bracknell is nice, Ascot is good for a bargain rental if you look hard enough!
What about Maidenhead or Slough? We’re in Langley Woods, just off Jct5…nice easy flow to the M4! :smiley:

Jools…oddly enough we have seen one or two cute little places in Ascot…I love it round there. I do like the idea of being over the Windsor/Ascot/Bracknell area, just depends what’s out there for the budget. Really hoping I don’t end up moving back down to Dorset out of desperation…although Poole bike night is cool, what would I do without the Ace???

Obviously race days/nights will cause problems if you’re commuting from Ascot, but if you get to know the area you can nip along the country roads and avoid the traffic. A m8 of mine lives out there but working shifts helps.
I’m sure you’ll find summin hinny…just keep a good look out. :smiley:

What’s your price range and the amount of rooms you’re looking for? I can have a look and ask my m8 if there’s anything near her.

Cheers darlin :smiley: Got a budget of up to £650 a month…minimum of 1 bedroom, really not up for a studio apartment, but don’t mind if it’s a flat or a house or maisonette or whatever. That would be tops if you could keep your ear to the ground. xxx

Nae worries hinny. I’ll send her message when she’s finished nights.

Found these on Right Move…I know the building that the first place is in.

We’d be a bit outpriced by the first one unless we found a third person, but the building looks tops. Nice to see a bike outside too :smiley:

Have already booked viewings to see one or two of the others…thanks chick, you’re a star!!!

I get days off work so if you don’t find anything let me know and I’ll use some of my time to trawl the property ads for ya! :smiley: