Movie Review 2 - Supercross


My good god ! 1Hr 12 minutes of just dross… For those that like motocross, super cross and freestyle riding this film will insult.

Made from the same factory as “the Fast & The Furious” the film does nothing for bikes, biker riding or the sport it tries to portray…

Unlike Biker Boyz, Torque etc etc the film does constantly depict responsible riding with full gear and off road “action”… but mainly set around the Supercross “world series” we follow two brothers in the sport of Supercross.

The film is nothing but superficial and after the opening sequence you are already bored of the same old tired shots of the bikes flying through the air with a rider doing the “superman grab”… While impressive you do wonder how this got to the big screen while the document X Games struggled to get a DVD release…

Film is light, no plot, no quality film footage of what is a spectacular sport.

Give it a very wide birth… this is going straight to Channel 5 !

Thanks again Lee! Another one that I will wait to get for £4,99 in Asda! lol