Movement of posts!

Ive been sitting here twiddling thumbs and I cant keep still…knowing I got my bike back and its blast fit I just cant sleep…

I cant fooking wait !!!..

Tomorrows news !!

Mad biker tears up Regents Park Suburbs” !!!

Whats everyone doing ?…Sundays a good one for me but being match day Im not sure so any suggestions on the weekend ?

Vroom Vrooom !!!

Herrr Hummmm …reminder !!..heads up !!!

Hi All,

Just a reminder to everyone that the General Bike Chatter forum is for exactly that - general chatting related to bikes. Anything to do with meeting up at the Ace etc - please post in Rides and Meets. ((((( Anything not to do with bikes please put in Off Topic.))))))

Also a reminder that there are some specialist forums for specific subjects , Supermoto, Sports Bikes etc.

Yes I know I’m an old nag but it’s a pain having to move threads cos they’re in the wrong place.

Cheers m’dear!

BTW - If we move threads to the right forum - please do us a favour and don’t re-create them again in the wrong one!

Thankee kindly guys and gals!

Dont let it go to ya head hun ! the above is bike and meet related !!

load of bollox !

Computer says NO