Move over Lewis, I'm on my way!!

I entered a lap-time competition when me and four mates did some Karting at Lakeside in May. Yesterday I received the below email. Surely now I’m on my way to the top!!!:D:D:DThis year Lakeside, next year the world!!:w00t:


You are through to the King Of Lakeside Karting

Semi Finals

I’m pleased to inform you that you have qualified in our Top 50 drivers & are therefore invited back to join us for a discounted event.

This event is being held on the 30th September 2008 at 6pm.

The event is a Grand Prix 1 with a final for all drivers (usually only top 12) at the cost of ONLY £50 per person (usually £69).

If you wish to enter you will need to call & pay in full before Friday 26th September.

If you want to prove that you could be the next ‘King Of Lakeside Karting’

I am not sure about this, it might be a sale promotion to get more money!!!


Have fun dude :wink: I was there in January with a load of BSB racers…lots of fun! :smiley:

Don’t want to spoil your day, but, your one of a few hundred who received that (or a similar) message.

What the hell. It’s a discount and if you enjoy it, go for it.