Motorcyclist jailed after doing ‘Beyond 180MPH’

Damn. Thats a heavy sentence.  I guess it was the baiting and not a one off that annoyed the judge.

Perverting the course of justice always carries a stiff charge.

Perverting the course of justice always carries a stiff charge. brains_t

Given his history and what he did to try and hide it I’d say he got off lightly

what a douchenossle

But if you nick 100 motorbikes and ride all over pavements (putting the public in danger) to evade police you only get put away for a couple of months? Yes the guy got what he deserved considering the offences and all the lies, but it would be great if the same book was thrown at everyone driving recklessly. 

Whyatt also attended a police interview carrying a distinctive rucksack worn by the rider, which officers found to contain a sheath knife.
That's a special kind of stupid.

I guess it all depends on the case - i don’t recall one where someone was convicted of 100motorbike thefts plus dangerous driving more leniently

For example if you are young, the judge may wish that a shorter sentence gives you some chance of rehabilitation whereas this guy has done exactly the same thing in the past when he crashed after a police chase on the IoM.

Actually my comment was probably wrong. As in the other topic, I’m not sure it’s my place to comment on sentencing not knowing all details of law or this case.

So i will leave it there and allow others to pass judgement as they see fit…