Motorcycles to be not welcome in Rye

Looks like they’ve had enough of bikers visiting this seaside town

Oh look she’s a Tory.


Biggest issue is not the parking in Rye, personally never got the appeal of sitting in that car park to explore the town. And the bit of rye around there ain’t anything great.

But there will be increased presence in surrounding roads and these noise cameras sound like a right pain, and will lead to pointless fines. Ok if someone has made his bike stupidly loud but bet you people will get done with aftermarket, road legal cans.

I love rye! genuinely go there as often as I can. I was there 2 weeks ago and like the picture above was rammed with bikers I was there for a while and in all that time, no bell end bikers I could see, all being reasonable etc.

I think this is just bullshit if you ask me. I feel sorry for the already hit businesses there who probably make a fair few quid off of the bikers coming and going.

looks like another bike hater campaigner to me.

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Rye - I was down there only three weeks ago for the first time.

Was it you with you making all the noise?

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It certainly makes you wonder. Little places like that on the coast really need the visitors and tourists. Imagine banning people who are bringing money into your local economy. But also how many of those people have families and think this would make a nice long weekend for the kids.

Well if you been banned from a place you’re not likely to go there in any other context.

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Nah. But I did tell a seagull to buzz off. It nearly stole my cod, saveloy and chips. That was £8 that I put into the local economy.

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Seagulls in that part of the world are vicious. They will take your cod and chips from your mouth if they get half the chance.

Bloody seagulls coming here and taking our food and jobs

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It’s a conspiracy started by the pigeons, don’t listen to that man!

I bet you it’s seagulls who started this petition about bikers. Despite having ears hidden they’re just bastards like that

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See also Finchingfield.

Then see how little they care because motorcycles are a minority.