Motorcycle valet

Any recomendations in the South West - Croydon/Morden/Streatham type areas…

I used to use Gold something but he moved to Erith and I’m not going there for fun (I do it for work) and I’ve used Mo but i think he moved too or was brought out.

Bikes looking a bit sticky, never a good sign.

is Sutton too far?
I used Pedro a couple of times for servicing but he also does ACF treatments

sutton is fine… urmmmm ACF? what is that, do i want that ?

ACF is an anitcorrosion treatment. Most people use it to keep the rush away.
one deep treatment should last 3-4 months (depending how often/deeply you wash the bike).

Ive used it for years

We really need to get you into some better quality narcotics if you’re using ACF

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Chiswick Honda do a full valet which will make it showroom ready. That’s about £30 if you ride there.

There is also Trott though I haven’t used him before.