Motorcycle Stunt Girls

Chesca is the one for me!


seen most of it but always fun to watch :slight_smile:

R1 Cris is my kind of biker chick

Brasilian girls eh!?

I think they are all luvly, I really like women like these who have balls . . . :ermm: :smiley:

repost!! :Whistling: but its a good one non the less

That thread in the adult section really did get your libido going lol :smiley:

Not those kind of balls! :smiley:

I think ninja isn’t telling us everything :wink:

I get inspired every time I see this…who cares if it’s a repost. Gives girls like me something to aspire to!

I was joking about the ladyboys! Honest! :crazy::smiley:

And me! :smiley:

awesome, i’d love to do some of those tricks one day. good on them:)

I get something as well, and it’s not inspired it’s wood! :wink:

w0w and i wouldnt say no to any of them lol,