Motorcycle podcasts

Who’s listening to what?

Just seen Gavin Emmett and Neil Hodgson have started one

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Front End Chatter is the standard.
Also the Brap Talk podcast is pretty good if you can stand Americans.
If you have a LOT of time on your hands then Motorcycles & Misfits.
Revzilla’s one called Highside Lowside is very nicely produced.

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Rusty’s Garage is good.
There’s a very good episode with Jeremy Burgess…

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Also the Casey Stoner one is good

From @me_groovy

Front end chatter

Brap Talk

Motorcycles & Misfits

High side/low side

Chasing the racing is good, even if Dom is a bit annoying.
The youtube versions are good

full length race

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These should be worth a listen if you’re on twitter

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OK, not a motorcycle podcast but well worth a listen.

This is a podcast interview with the Australian anaesthetist who helped to rescue those Thai kids from that cave a couple of years ago.

It really is an extraordinary listen, but not really something to have on in the background whilst doing something else. You need to sit down with a cuppa for 40 minutes.

In a world were the word ‘hero’ is bandied about so freely as to be almost worthless, this guy truly puts it into context. Listening to him, I’ve no doubt he’d disagree with having such a label being applied to him & shrug it off, but that really just makes it all the more valid, he appears to have no sense of ego whatsoever.