Motorcycle parts on Scooters

One of the trials of riding a scooter is that the traditional motorcycle parts suppliers like M&P, Busters, Demon Tweeks ignore you. This is not just about trying to find a supplier of Givi screens for your scoot or a Tucano Urbano lapcover or a Leo Vinci exhaust. It’s also things like wheel bearings, tyres and so on.

So here’s a short list of problems Mostly for an AN400K3

  • Alternate levers. I’d like adjustable levers. I’m sure generic Suzuki levers off something like a Bandit or SV would fit. But there’s no way of knowing. I might even stretch to Pazzo levers or something similar.

  • Front wheel bearings. Genuine Suzuki bearings are unsealed and just rely on the external seal. This is insane. And there must be some 3rd party bearings of higher quality. But how to find out what and where to buy them?

  • I fancy a quick action throttle. Hairy’R’s do a replacement throttle tube for Gixxers. It’s highly likely that the Burger throttle is the same design. Except that Hairy quote 3 different styles for 3 different years of large suzuki.