Motorcycle Parking Near Kensington Hilton Olympia Hotel

Have an ITIL course in February, so trying to remember if there is motorcycle parking near there that is gratis/free and safe!!! I will take chain/disc lock combo and it is a shit bike any how.

On the Kensington and Chelsea side the map is here.

I think all bays have ground anchors.

“Solo Motorcycles only” are free bays

“M/C Perm only” are permit only bays.

If you park illegally you will be fined within 5 minutes (the minimum period they have to observe your vehicle) because the parking attendants are an army of ninjas.

Thanks for this.  I used to live in Lexham Gardens for 7 1/2 years.  Just not had to park in that area in 14 years, so it has all changed!!

Seems if I get there in good time I can nab a parking spot!