Motorcycle parking in Vauxhall (near Sainsbury's)

So I work near Pascal Street in Vauxhall, right next to where the huge Sainsbury’s used to be and a construction site for the new tube station is now AKA the bane of my existence.

I’ve always had parking for my bike on Pascal street - now however the whole street is going to be shut down with no parking anywhere.

My employer has kindly not thought to consider parking for anyone aside from “those that matter” and I’m now left with quite a conundrum.

I will have my new bike soon hopefully as well and as of January, nowhere to park it.

Good old Lambeth also charge for parking so I can’t even park at the ass end of a car in a space, I’m also worried about my bike being stolen as this is a less than desirable area.

Any bright ideas for parking around here? Or even better - an extreme long shot! - Anyone with a garage/garden/driveway I may be able to park on during working hours? haha

So far all I’ve come up with is parking out the front of Metropolis, but that’s a 15 minute walk to and from work (not that bad, but still, it’s freezing!) and no guarantee of a space, especially in the morning, I imagine that bike bay gets packed? Or maybe not…anyone else park there during the day?

Thanks for any suggestions!

The few times I’ve needed to park at Metroplis I’ve been able to.

Check this site for nearer parking places

Metropolis is your best bet
I’m at nine elms and park in a secure compound
there’s a few bikes that get chained up outside the post office building in Ponton rd dead oppersite is the entrance for the new U.S. Emberssy so I can’t see anybody wanting to knick a bike from there

I park less than a km from there (up near the power station) and it’s Wandsworth so you can park where you like, might be worth checking where the boundary is (I couldn’t find anything very helpful online, just had to ride around and find a good spot).