Motorcycle Giant - any experiences?

I’m looking to get myself a second bike for commuting, probably a 125scooter, and Motorcycle Giant in Shepherd’s Bush kept coming up in bike trader ads so I popped by to have a look. Lots of bikes, seemed friendly , has anyone used them before for buying or servicing?

I recently picked up a 250 for the missus from them. All seems pretty good to me. I did ring ahead when I wanted to take the bike for a test ride, but on the day I showed up the bike hadn’t been wired up & the battery was missing, they did quickly wire it all up while I waited & the bike was fine. The day I went to pay the balance & pick it up everything was tip top. Newly serviced with no issues.

Now, I need to find out if I trust them enought to work on my Beemer as there diesn’t seem to be a huge choice of places to take it out here in West London.