Motorcycle Adverts- why illegal?

Simple- why are motorcycle ads illegal?

I didin’t they were illegal.

Me neither ?!

They aren’t, if you ever watch the bike racing on say Eurosports they have bike related ad’s there, I suppose they don’t have them in normal ad breaks cos they don’t sell as well as all the other crap they punt in those ones :slight_smile:

And there are bike ad’s in bike magazines

oh ok i heard that they were illegal on tv. hmm lol

i wish they would include them in tv ads rather then the fiat *unto i would much rather see and hear a back thrashing around :smiley:

Probably down to something as demographics. The most popular selling bikes might sell a couple of thousand a year in the UK the most popular selling cars hundreds of thousands.

Why throw advertising money at the TV when you might only be seen by a couple of hundred people who are interested in bikes? Target your market, you advertise in Magazine, and bike related sections of papers.

Also I have never seen an advert for a Ferrari or a Massarati on the TV either.

Bike ads on mainstream TV were once common and looked like this -

If they are not banned, they should be!

Good to see a 1980’s “Twiggy” again.

I think she also did some Vespa ad’s as well as the Honda ones we got in this country.

Kind of recall that she can’tcouldn’t ride either, but I may be wrong on that.

1980 looks so old fashioned! - personally I’m glad it’s now and not then.

On the other hand - Is it me - or were women more attractive in 1980? :w00t:

Haha I love that Honda ad!