Motorbike written off - Insurance Help!!

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Following some [email protected] pulling out without looking and knocking me off badly two weeks ago, my bike has subsequently been written off! :frowning:
Unfortunately, my insurance is up for renewal (a week after it being written off) which is just bl00dy typical. I got a letter from the company saying:

"We refer to your above numbered policy and confirm that WE WILL NOT BE OFFERING RENEWAL as there is no current vehicle on cover following your total loss claim.

Please contact us immediately if you obtain a replacement verhicle, and if it is acceptable on your current policy, we can insure it as a change of vehicle until renewal.

If you obtain a replacement vehicle prior to renewal then we will be in a position to review your file and offer you the most competitive and appropriate renewal for your needs. Otherwise your policy will automatically lapse on the renewal date."

Basically - what can I do? I could insure my mums bike (which is SORN) to continue the policy as I’m pretty sure I won’t have got a new bike from the insurance money by the time the policy expires, but I really don’t want to lose my ONE years No claims as I know this will make things cheaper for the renewal…
Can anyone advise me on the best thing to do in this situation? Insure I bike I will never use as its off road and a non runner - making me stick with this company when I get my new bike; cut lose and lose my one years NCB or what?? It’s such a pain in the bum, I also don’t know where I stand as the policy is about to expire will they then stop the legal case against the third party regarding the collision because they no longer represent me??

Many thanks for any help given,
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Speak to your insurance company to double check, but I’m pretty sure your NCB stays valid for 2 years when not used.
That happened to me on a car policy a couple of years ago.

yeah wot driesie said, dont rush and insure a bike for feck all reason.

Yeah but he hasn’t got a no claims bonus if they end the policy 1 week before it is supposed to end.

I think that is his concern?

I would put your mom’s bike on the insurance fora week and then cancel it and SORN it again, as the above have said once you get the NCB it should be good for awhile.

Speak to your insurance company directly, explain your dilema and decide from there once you have spoken to them.

As far as your claim is concerned, your insurers cannot suddenly drop your case because you are no longer a customer.

The insurance company was on risk at the time of the crash, and therefore they are obliged to continue to provide your cover for the purposes of the claim.

Even if a claim was made against you 2 or 3 years down the line, even though you may have changed insurers several times, the insurance company who was on risk at the time of the crash would still be legally responsible for handling your claim.

He won’t have a NCB until the case is settled anyway.
As suggested, clear it up with your insurers and get it in writing.

i couldnt ride due to plaster cast my insurance company accepted this and kept up my insurance and i didnt have to prove i was in plaster they were very good

ah yes gotcha now, lol.

insurance should still be valid just they are not gonna renew at the end of it so should still have his ncb as long as it was found non fault which it sounds like.

Many thanks all, I’ll speak to the insurance company and see what they say!!
Thank you all for your words of wisdom and help; eyes out for my new thread on the insurance company trying to stiff me on the price of the bike!! hehe!!

Thanks again, Steve