Motorbike Roads Outside London

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a nice twisty roads outside London, any suggestion / recommendation?

Hey. What side? North, South, East, West?

The Calimoto app is a good shout for finding nice routes. We’ve used that to good effect south of London.


+1 Calimoto is brilliant.

Some of the best LB ride outs were put together using paper maps. My weapon of choice here is the AA Supreme Scale Atlas of Britain, I believe @Jetstream cross referenced his rides using a 1950 first edition of the AA’s Illustrated Road Book of England and Wales and an A-Z Super Scale Road Atlas of Great Britain. Both the 21st century atlases are large scale, A3-size, spiral bound road atlases with clear full colour detailed UK road mapping at a scale of 2½ miles to 1 inch. I don’t know why and I’m not sure if it’s even worth mention here but my favourite detail is the safety camera locations!

Mode de Emploi - Add dots on the map to include a starting point, waypoints and finishing point of the places you’d like to visit or pass through. @TimR wisely recommends the waypoints should be outside the M25. Join the dots following yellow B class roads as much as possible using white minor roads where necessary to connect the yellow roads. Pencil notes of your route on the back of a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal box and tuck them in your tank bag for referencing during ride.

Interest can be added to you routes by the inclusion of features such as fords which can be researched at Wet Roads. My two favourites are the Buttsbury Splash (obviously) for a lightweight crossing of the River Wid and Little Baddow for a proper hardcore but ‘suitable for all’ 50 yard crossing of the Sandon Brook.

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