Motorbike parking - Canary Wharf

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone knows if there are bike bays around Canary Wharf. If these are free and if there is much crime about the area.
I understand it is private land, and the security is quite good. Also I know many of the offices have underground parking but I am wondering specifically what the options are for roadside or ground-level parking?

Any help you can offer is helpful.


Hi. I park my bike in Canary Wharf everyday. First, do not park near WestFerry circus on the pavement, those are permit holders only and there is a tiny sign telling you that and YOU WILL get towed (although now thats illegal, I wonder if they just clamp). If you are by Cabot Square, then there is parking in Jubilee Place, Cabot Place and Canada Square car parks at £2 a day. Never had a problem getting a space. They are all very secure and have 24 hour guards. If you are going closer towards South Quay, than on Marsh Wall by the Brittania, there is free parking on an area of the pavement but its not secured and it gets busy and mashed up there.

Quite a few of us at the Wharf then - anyone fancy a LB lunch in the sun???

I’m lucky enough to have access to dedicated parking under my building, so would be worth asking your employer if they have any first. I’ve heard a few stories of people getting their bike pinched from the public car parks (including by van) despite the supposed security, so if you do use them make sure you have at least got a disc lock on. Not sure if there are any points to chain - Tanya may be able to tell you though, but that would always be my preference.

Yes, in the Cabot Place car park there is ground anchors but I would be really surprised if anyone did steal a bike from there because you have to go through a security check, then the barriers which are always manned, the guys at the kiosk know us and know our bikes, they constantly have someone patrolling in a golf cart. Mine was almost nicked and another guys nicked from the NCP by Cross Harbour.