Motorbike Clothing

Have A Load Of Clothing Want To Sell As Follows:

Alpinestar Leathers Euro 58 - £150
Frank Thomas Jacket XL - £50
Alpinestar Jacket XL - £50
Womens Spidi Jacket - Donation To Air Ambulance
Waterproof Trousers XL - £20
Ixon Womens Gloves - Donation To Air Ambulance

Pictures Are Here:

Thanks Dan

Your branching out more and more.

this is just my own personal stuff selling as dont need it anymore althought will be branching out to other areas soon :slight_smile:

You still got any of your hoodies for sale,winters coming start I g to feel cold

Yes mate only have M and L ATM tho sold a load other week
You know what size you be or need size chart?
Pop up unit for cuppa if about…

Will pop up next Saturday,your not open Sunday’s are you?

come next saturday mate sunday is my only day off to chill :slight_smile:

Have you still got the leathers, can I come try them on?

Just pinged Dan for you Boris, he’ll be along shortly.

Ah, cheers

yes mate am over in watford now when want to come?
your have our address?
call me on workshop number 01923 238 181

and cheers timmy :smiley:

Alpinestar Leathers SOLD

Ah you missed a sale of your hoodys today ,was up there 1pm all locked up…

sorry fella forgot you was coming was there till 12.45 must of just missed ya

What time youthere till on weekdays ,think I need a Honda master cylinder too.

10-6 and yer have a few master knocking about :smiley:
what day want to come?

what ever day its not raining…have took your number from this thread will ring to check your there will try tuesday should be there by 5pm…cheers