Motorbike ASL in Barcelona

So I was just watching some of my old helmet cam videos from last year when I was riding in Barcelona… and noticed that in some places they have motorbike ASL’s … which are very clearly marked as well!!! Wish we had that in London!!

ASL… American Sign Language?

Advanced stop lane?

Did you see the amount of scooters that city hosts?

Yes, ASL – Advanced stop line

A LOT of scooters and motorbikes. Can’t remember the ratio but there were certainly a lot!! I liked the two wheel culture they seem to have there and blending in… :slight_smile:

As someone who enjoys filtering and city riding, it was a nice city to ride in… generally speaking there’s a few wide avenues and lots of filtering opportunity. Some nutters who filter like crazy out there just like here, nice locals and great food as well of course.

Parts, of Europe just do two wheels better than we do here!

I loved the fact that there is so much motorbike parking about as well… … with each bay individually marked!

I thought it was Age, Sex, Location :slight_smile:

Gosh I remember those days on MSN…

let me nudge you…


+1 nivag :slight_smile:

Back to the 90’s with you!