Motorbike almost stolen at Burney Car Park (Greenwich)


Just a warning as per the title, Burney Street Car Park (Greenwich) has what I thought was a secure motorbike bay, I had locked my bike up for 2 hours (14:00 to 16:00) and as I was leaving, I encountered 2 thieves on a black moped with no license plate, they locked onto me, did a U-turn and started following me. I tried to get out of there as soon as possible. I saw the same guys 3 more times before managing to lose them. I came close today, beware


Welcome to London
School Holidays,the little darlings are out in force this time of year


Report it to the police on 101 none emergency line. The more intelligence they get on these aspiring footballers the easier it will be for the police to deal with.

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I had a scroat try to snatch my phone on Wednesday.

I was waiting for an Uber looking at my phone. He was on a cycle and I was oblivious to him until he was on top of me. He snatched my phone, I snatched it back and he cycled beyond my reach.

I called him a c*** he said f*** and cycled off.

I recorded it online with the police.

I suppose that was the second best outcome. The first would’ve been to have seen him coming two seconds earlier and put him in the gutter.

I’ll be more alert in future.


That’s a good effort there.

Ever since I saw that docu on the beeb with the guy on a scooter (snatched phones) getting pulled over and they take out this knife that was more of a sword, I think I’d freeze and forego the phone

Wow, you must have been fast Eezie.

Cheers Aceman. It was a reflex action that’s all (biker reflexes?). Just lucky. He was on top of me before I knew anything was going on. Wish I’d had you with me at the time buddy.

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If I was there, I’d probably be in an interview room at the local police station giving my statement of how the suspect sustained a split lip, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder and concussion when “He tried to snatch my friend’s mobile phone, but fell over.”

Most of us have heard of “fight or flight” under stress. The fact is that there are three F’s, fight, flight or freeze.

Freeze is panic, either not knowing what to do or simply not able to engage in doing anything at that time in that situation. This is not a rare reaction, and no one should be embarrassed of it. In a combat scenario, freeze is the worst reaction.

Flight is actually the safest action to take. Running away from the threat is a great survival tool. If you don’t fight, you don’t get hurt.

Fight is immediately confronting the threat. Fight means you either deal with and overcome the threat, or lose. However, just because you win a fight, does not mean that you don’t get injured.

In summary, freeze definitely means you lose. Flight, if you do successfully out run the threat, means you definitely survive, and probably avoid injury. Fight means you either overcome the threat, or end up possibly quite injured.

It seems that for you, fight was your reaction at that time. Once again, well done.

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