Motor BIKE parking in car bays

Hello LB community,

I am a newbie here. Hope all are doing well.
I have a query on motor bike parking.
I have a resident permit for my car with a bay in a closed gated car park. Can I park my motor bike behind my car if I have enough space or I need to tell the car park management team.


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Hi Paul, welcome to LB.

There are many answers to this question as there is not really enough context. although I think you have answered your own question by saying talk to the car park management. As different rules apply all over the pace.

I’d hazard a guess and say if you’re paying for the car you may end up having to pay for the bike, but is a fine worth the hassle for a quick phone call?

+1 rules can be different and if you get a fine anything we have said won’t make a difference. Get the information from parking management (in writing) probably best to send an email rather than phoning.


The question to ask is are you paying for the car or the parking space?


Is the car parking space big enough to have a little motorbike trailer hitched up which you park your bike on? Could be one way to blag it if the permit is per vehicle…


Do we understand it is on private land, therefore managed by your freeholder’s managing agents?

I am in a similar situation and have managed to park my car and motorbike, and sometimes scooter as well, within my space. None of my vehicles go beyond my parking bay’s marked line so I take the view that I am entitled to fit whatever I want in there so long as it doesn’t inconvenience the neighbouring space.

I’ve done this for years but I know some agents might get arsey about it: ‘we remind you that you only have the right to park one vehicle per designated space’ or similar.


Is there a security hut? You could speak to the ground staff and see if there is any flexibility. When I lived in a gated complex it was pretty flexible and I parked my bike behind my car in a single space. Lots of others did the same. The site was pretty large and there was no lack of space though. Lots of parking spaces were vacant.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: I will check with them. But not sure what they are going to respond considering their google reviews :slight_smile:

Yes I do. I have a badge on my car which is displayed.

My front tyres will be just touching the yellow line - which means the bumper is definitely outside. :frowning:

Mine is a gated private land managed by UK CPM Ltd.