MotoGP Pubs

Does anyone know of any pubs North of the Thames that shows the MotoGP on Telly?

You’ll be lucky ! Certainly non in Cheshunt, strictly footie only.

There was a guy in Borough Market the other week who said he owned one of the pubs round there, he was thinking of showing the GP.

Which side of the A10 are you Chunks ? You could always ask your local

The Puzzle in Hammersmith is showing it this weekend.

Fulham Palace Road.

I know, it’s strictly footy around these parts

I’m Goffs Oak side of the A10, my local is Prince of Wales.

I am quite sure that if I ask my boss at the bar I work at in Islington he would be happy to put it on if we get the numbers.


try the sports bar in nr leicester square!!

you can park your bike directly outside the window, and they should have it on the big screen!

last year for the final race of the season, they had scantilly clad women dressed as gridgirls and race rep bikes either side of the screen! really good atmosphere!

might be worth checking if they are showing it!! dont see why they wouldnt be co it is the britsh round!!