MotoGP - General Admission vs Grandstand

Was just about to purchase a couple of seats at Luffield for the British GP but noticed that GA has lots of areas around the track to view from.

What are your thoughts and preferences on where to view the race from?

Do you walk around and get to enjoy different view points with GA or is that just a nice idea in theory?

Would love to take a few pics from different angles with my camera, so GA sounds fun.

Woodcote A also looks very appealing if you can see Luffield and Brooklands from it

My brother in law and I did Sunday GA a few years ago, ended up sitting in one spot for the entire day, mainly because there wasn’t really enough time between races to relocate to anywhere interesting. And with there only being three races we ended up kinda disappointed tbh.

BSB was much better value for money.

What’s the price for somewhere like luffield / woodcote A?

The only events I’ve ever been to are small scale racing at brands. In theory walking around sounds fun but with only three races, you’re unlikely to do so. Plus, I’m not the kind of person to have chairs and everything with me to be there early doors so think I’d always have someone in front which loses the appeal a bit.

The other consideration is the weather and which stand has cover… I like being dry

Edit just saw price and now thinking maybe it can be mine and my daughter’s first go… :thinking:

Club is really good for seeing several corners from one spot.

I agree with BSB too, much better value for money. A lot of support races there.

Depends a bit on the track… You have to get there really early to get a good GA spot and it works better on tracks that have banked viewing areas eg Brno.

Also, stands will often have a TV showing the race so you actually can watch the whole race whereas GA might not, so you don’t really know what happens elsewhere on the circuit.

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This, Silverstone has very limited banked viewing spots and is a very flat circuit. So unless you’re camping on the fence line it’s not great to see what’s going on. Yes there are big screens, but you might as well go to the Bike Shed and watch the racing.
Fork out for a stand if you go. Plus if it rains you’ll have some cover.

Not ideal at the moment, but I’d travel to a race abroad. I’ve done the following:

Silverstone (the one that was cancelled due to washout) but also watched other races there from GA wouldn’t do it again.

Misano in GA, amazing to be with the crowd and at the hairpin its got a massive bank to view from, but you need to get early doors to claim a spot or make space.

Barcelona in the stands, means you don’t have to get there early, if you go to the toilet or get food you don’t have to struggle back to a spot or if you do want to wander around the GA you’ll always have a seat to go back to. Again the crowd abroad was a right laugh and a real buzz.

Both the euro ones we rode down there via twisty roads/mountain passes on a 2 week trip.


Aye, we rode to Mugello and Sachsenring GPs. Was awesome. Grand stands both times, though of course a lot of fun came from the touring, getting to and from the circuits, getting around the circuit whilst all the looney euros were doing their thing. Phenomenal. I’d rather watch UK races on the TV now tbh (done my time travelling all the UK circuits for race coverage).

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Just to add - for me, it’s much about the weather. If it’s likely to boiling hot (June/July/Aug in Spain will be 30+) so defo pay for some shade. If it’s not - then I’d go for a GA and have a wander - as I did at Le Mans. Loads of great spots to be found and treck it on a warm up / qualifying day for good spots.

And the experience is as much about bikes etc. as it is about the race. If you want to follow the race best watch it on the TV. But that’s just not the same :grinning:

I’ve done general admission at Zandvoort a few times. Sitting on a grassy bank all day is pants and even worse if it rains. I wouldn’t do that again. If you have the budget I’d spend the extra and get a space in a stand. They are usually always opposite a big screen so you actually have an idea of what’s going on. If you are on the start finish straight you’ll also get a much better idea of who is on what lap and the deltas.

Like others have said sometimes the best races of the day aren’t even the main event they are the support races. I went to an F3 event once but the Formula Fords were the highlight of the day. Evenly matched and the drivers were a mixture of various talent levels and recklessness.

Totally left field but if you can get to a NASCAR race jump at the chance. You can see everything from every seat and something always goes down.

Ahhhh good times Gav / Nick, deffo want to do another euro / moto gp.

Mugello early may sounds nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the advice! Top stuff as always.

Since a decent stand is like £100 up, I’m considering BSB, especially as it has more races too… Grandstand seat for BSB is £45.

Sounds like some of you still found value in going to the MotoGP with Grandstand seating, but mainly when it wasn’t the British one.

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I love the atmosphere of raceday but it can be absolutely miserable if it’s either pissing down or really hot. And unless you’ve got a stupid amount of spare cash to buy a decent seat, the view of the race can be limited.

What I’ve done previously and have got lined up for this year is to go on the Saturday to watch the practice and qualifying. It’s loads cheaper, it’s far more relaxed and it’s still exciting to watch. Then on race day I settle back with all my home comforts and watch the full race on the TV.

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