MotoGP Exhaust Upgrade and WSDS

Have been thinking about replacing my OEM exhaust (zx10r ) with one of these… at the price I am wondering why not…?

I am a big fan of Akropovic and Racefit etc. however at this point in time, attempting to keep upgrades on the “sensible side” as WSDS might kick in!

What is WSDS you ask… Wife spending detection system

Anyone have experience or got one, know of someone who has one? Thanks in advance!

According to the website, for the '08 10R it comes with a link pipe that replaces the cat/resonating chamber, so looking at the size of the can it’ll -

a) be very lordy! off loud.

b) almost certainly need a powercommander & custom map as well (£300-400) or the fuelling will be well out.

I didn’t type lordy! :hehe:

Alex Gold has one I believe.

Loud as lordy :cool:

Yep, with baffle out you won’t be able to ride it long distances, and with baffle in it’ll kill the power. I got a baffle off a Harley dealer on ebay that fitted and made it ‘acceptable’ loud but didn’t affect the performance. Still no chance of passing a track day noise test though.

Random vid (this is with baffle in)

Pat, LewisR6 and Alex Gold

Just wanted to say thank-you for all your input and certainly feeling like this new exhaust is going to have to wait a while longer :wink:

I assume that a traditional slip-on involves a lot less pain :wink: i.e. keeping the cat pipe in place in otherwords.

Thanks again gentlemen!

Yeah, most slip ons like the Akrapovic attach after the cat & just replace the fugly std end can.

On the gen 3 10R a lot of the actual silencing is done by that big cat/resonator box beneath the engine, consequently even a straight through race can won’t be unduly loud & shouldn’t need a powercommander. One will help though, not least because unlike the std fueling you can tune it purely for optimal power output through the rev range rather than be constrained by the noise & emissions regs that the manufacturers are obliged to meet in order to be allowed to sell the things in the first place.

If you’ve not done so already, then you may wish to consider getting yourself over to & saying hello, lots of good 10R specific knowledge on there amongst other things.


Thanks for the reply and appreciate the detailed input! I have just gone over the zx10r specific forum to register and look around.