MotoGP 2015

I think HRC would have ditched Dani Pedrosa if Casey Stoner hadn’t retired. Marc Marquez was always slated for a Repsol Honda after all, providing Repsol with a Spanish rider, and you wouldn’t pick Pedrosa over Stoner. However, Stoner’s retirement, and the fact that Honda needed someone who knew the bike in case Marquez didn’t come good, meant Dani got another deal. As far as his current deal goes, there weren’t really any serious candidates for the ride: HRC were never going to promote any of the midfield runners nor give the bike to Tito Rabat.

I reckon the seat is Pedrosa’s for another couple of seasons whilst Alex Marquez cuts his teeth in MOTO2 then Repsol Honda will have Both Marquez Brothers Racing for them. They seem such a close family i reckon they would love to be team mates, and Alex is looking like a good racer, the fact he is a World Champion too will not do him any harm with the Guys at Honda, especially if he takes the MOTO2 Crown in the next couple of Seasons.

Donington Park breaks off partnership with Circuit of Wales

lol, just created a thread for that. mental news.

Hopefully it goes to Brands Hatch. I doubt they will give it back to Silverstone

More likely Silverstone than Brands Hatch…I don’t think Brands has the run off areas required for MotoGp.

Real Shame Donny pulled out though…Basically they didn’t receive the monies agreed from Circuit of Wales but why do they need any money? Donny has hosted MotoGp before as well as other events so why couldn’t Donny host it without taking money from COW? Seems strange to me but we are not privy to all the details…

it says in that write up that it requires a £1m upgrade to the circuit and the spectator areas to reach Dornas standards. Circuit of Wales signed a contract with Dorna to host the GP’s from 2015 onwards so in order to do this they contracted the job for hosting the 2015 race to Donnington, for Donington to host it they required the upgrades so COW had to pay them to do the upgrades as COW has signed a contract with Dorna so its down to them to get a Track that is up to standard and if that means paying for the upgrades then thats what they had to do

So do you think Silverstone is the only track up to standard in the UK to be in a position to host MotoGp this year?

The reason they offered it to Donnington is cos Silverstone wanted more money than Donnington to host the 2015 race, Silverstones “Quote” was far more than Donningtons but they said its cos they have spent the last 5 years turning the British MotoGP into an “Event” and they know exactly how much it costs to run it safely for all involved whereas the Circuit of Wales has never done it and haven’t a clue what it takes, and they think Donnington are a little out of touch as they haven’t done it for so long and that’s why they undercut them.

I’d love to see the MotoGP at Cadwell and see how far they Jump the Mountain!!!

Lol…Now that’s a good idea :smiley:


they’d be some awesome crashes, Poor ol Bradley Smith crashes on a flat straight road, how would he cope with the Mountain???

I love their jibe that they’re looking forward to hosting the WSBK for Dorna.
anyone else think that was a backhanded offer to host motogp directly?

Definately a little “Come Get Me” lol

I can’t see Circuit Of Wales going ahead, they still haven’t got full planning permission have they???

I can see Dorna pulling out of the contract with COW and just going back to Silverstone

So Silverstone are doing it…good for them…it would have been a shame for there to be no 2015 British MotoGP.

These test results do not belong under the “Has Rossi got his mojo back” thread :ermm:

Test Results - Sepang Day Two

  1. Marc Marquez (SPA), Repsol Honda Team, 1:59.844
  2. Jorge Lorenzo (SPA), Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, 1:59.902
  3. Andrea Iannone (ITA), Ducati Team, 2:00.098
  4. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA), Ducati Team, 2:00.250
  5. Dani Pedrosa (SPA), Repsol Honda Team, 2:00.275
  6. Valentino Rossi (ITA), Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, 2:00.308
  7. Bradley Smith (GBR), Monster Yamaha Tech 3, 2:00.329
  8. Cal Crutchlow (GBR), CWM LCR Honda, 2:00.333
  9. Aleix Espargaro (SPA), Team Suzuki MotoGP, 2:00.409
  10. Pol Espargaro (SPA), Monster Yamaha Tech 3, 2:00.689

Go Cal :slight_smile:

Sepang test day 3

1 Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 1m 59.115s [Lap 13/73]
2 Jorge Lorenzo ESP Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1) 1m 59.437s +0.322s [19/55]
3 Cal Crutchlow GBR CWM LCR Honda (RC213V) 1m 59.658s +0.543s [6/58]
4 Andrea Iannone ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15) 1m 59.722s +0.607s [10/59]
5 Valentino Rossi ITA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1) 1m 59.833s +0.718s [19/59 ]
6 Bradley Smith GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 1m 59.883s +0.768s [9/41 ]
7 Dani Pedrosa ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 1m 59.912s +0.797s [49/51]
8. Hector Barbera ESP Avintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open) 2m 0.244s +1.129s [8/52]
9 Aleix Espargaro ESP Team Suzuki MotoGP (GSX-RR) 2m 0.275s +1.160s [6/50]
10 Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15) 2m 0.468s +1.353s [10/43

yes well done Cal,
but Jorge’s times are pretty good too!

I’m so pleased to see Bradley up there too, I’d love to see him on a factory Honda Soon. Also good to see Aleix on the suzuki looking pretty competitive, get this season out the way and next year could be a good one for team Zooki :smiley:

If team Zooki is any good/reliable that is!

I reckon this year will be mainly a tester for them and next season will be the one they challenge in.