MotoGP 2015

I’ll be following this again this year. Looked at going to Donnington but it’s so bloody expensive!

Testing started in Sepang this week. 1st day’s results. No real surprises I don’t think.

Misano GP for me this year :smiley:

Can’t wait for it to start, Hopefully BT Sport does another good season of MotoGP Tonight, I’m trying to work at the Donnington GP this year with MotoGP Tonight, fngers crossed i get it.

A bit dissapointed to see Maverick Vinalles on the Suzuki is so far off the pace, hopefully when he gets used to the Bike he picks it up cos Aleix isn’t that far off the Pace on the Other Suzuki, but really glad to see Bradders is ahead of Cal at the early testing stage :slight_smile:

I’m gonna be backing Bradders this season again (with my heart still chearing on Valentino)

Tickets for the foreign rounds are much cheaper than those for the UK round. I went to Misano in 2013 and I’d be surprised if I went to another MotoGP in the UK. Unless the Circuit of Wales actually gets built (:laugh:), in which case I’ll go for the novelty value.

I think Yamaha will be much closer this season - take out Marquez and overall I think Yamaha’s results were better over the course of the season. Lorenzo can’t have as bad a year again - and how will Pedrosa react to what really has to be his last chance on the factory Honda?

Really looking forward to the start of the new season as well.

that’s debatable! I’d say they should have ditched him a couple of years ago.

as that Matt guy on the bbc once said “give pedrosa a pedal bike and he’ll still manage to come 4th in the championship”

It’s all about Money, So long as Honda win the constructors & Riders championships i’m pretty sure they won’t care if Pedrosa comes 2nd/3rd or 4th in the Riders championship providing Marquez (or whoever is there) wins it and the No2 Rider helps them by getting enough points to secure the Constructors championship. I think we all know Marquez is the Golden boy at Honda so they won’t want the No2 Rider taking the limelight from him.

I see your point.
I think Dovi is the only one on the grid who could consistently get to the front and fill his space.

I love Dovi, i think he is a great rider, he deserves to be on a better ride than the Ducatti, Cal was meant to be the next big thing but look how Dovi showed him how a Ducatti should be ridden!

I really like Marquez, I had the pleasure of meeting him and looking after him and his bike whilst he was a guest on the MotoGP Tonight Show and he is such a friendly and welcoming Bloke who seems really grounded and had so much time for his Fans so it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to dominate again this season as he is so nice, but i would like to see Vale back on top where he belongs and i’d also like to see Maverick Vinales have a good rookie year on the Suzuki.

My predictions for the season are 1. Marquez 2. Rossi 3. Lorenzo but i don’t think it will be as Easy for Marquez this year as it looks like Rossi worked him out towards the end of the season and i think thats why Marquez made a few mistakes as he was under more pressure than he was at the start of the season.

I’ll be providing links again for those too poor to subscribe to BTsport :wink:

Lucky bugger…Going to Donny so that should be good…

Add me to your list this year please xx

I’m not sure how you do it, but I can give you essentially unlimited space on a webserver if that’d help?

another one! Add me please mate

I need to close my eyes and ears on this one, All you lot illegally streaming BT Sport when you could be a subscriber and line my Pockets!!:w00t:

I’m a subscriber and last year I spent so long trying to work out how to legally get it that I just torrented the bloody thing.

i’ve got it legally with my tv package :smiley:

now how can i spread the joy with you lot?

answers on a PM please :smiley:

lol, I work for them and even i struggled to get it on my SKY box!!! in the end SKY said it would be easier if i paid the £15 per month subscription!! so i old them where to stick it and now i just attach the lap top to the TV and watch it via the APP.

The only problem at the Moment is we haven’t confirmed if the MotoGP Tonight show is going to be filmed at BT Studios this season, There is talk it is all going to be filmed at the tracks as its easier to use the crew that will already be at each circuit and just fly Iwan and Craig out to the circuits and Gavin Emmet will normally be there as well, Plus that way we will get better guests on the show as they will be on location rather than trying to get them from all corners of the globe to a sh1t h0le in East London!!

The downside to that is i won’t be able to do the show anymore other than the British GP at Donnington :frowning:

Don’t worry Sam, I still pay your wages with my Infinity connection :smiley:

lol, Thank you :smiley:

Yeah to be honest I have infinity and really like it…Good bit of kit.

I know people don’t like to pay but the coverage is really good and worth every penny IMHO…