MotoGP 13 PC Demo

Anyone else tried this -

I’ve had a quick play and found it rather hard as they move about the bike so slow…

Maybe it’s just because I was using keys. Maybe with a controller it can be done quicker.

good shout… will try it later in the week and see if it makes a difference with a controller…

Still have the old MotoGP installed. So old, it has Biaggi in it! :smiley:

I give it a go at home… Cheers Andy!


well played it and tbh, I prefer the old version… I can’t see a massive improvement of graphics from nearly 10 years ago… The wobbling on the bike is annoying and controls aren’t great…

Bear in mind, I’m by no means a gamer so if a game doesn’t grab me instantly, I tend to leave it… this idea of learning the game bores me.

The offs are a bit better and a bit more reallistic but some of them are just hilarious. It looks like they’ve picked some comical moments in MotoGP and now they happen on every lap!

I played the Xbox demo last night and quite enjoyed it. I love the way Rossi sticks his leg out when hard braking, like in real life :smiley: The handling has improved over Motogp 10/11 but it still doesn’t feel ‘right’. Saying that, I’ll probably buy it just to have a bike game I can play online. The best handling bike games for me was Microprose’s GP500 on the PC and TT Superbikes on the PS2, both of which I still play. Tourist Trophy on the PS2 wasn’t bad either.

I haven’t played any of the new MotoGPs so don’t know… I think my version is from 2006-2007?

TT superbikes you say… wonder if there was ever a PC version

Nope, only ps2. Jester Interactive hinted at other platforms but it never happened. Shame really could you imagine racing others online around the mountain circuit? They missed a trick there. It’s the main reason I keep my old dusty PS2. Anyway, I’ve been a bit harsh on the latest MotoGP demo. I turned off all the auto brakes, racing line etc. Makes it a much better game and turning the traction control down to low has the bike sliding lovely out of corners.

hmmm maybe I’ll give it another chance… I hate simulators as I don’t have the patience. I just want a start and a brake button and maybe a left and right :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead of this:

I expected more something like this:

In case of graphic… ffs, is not hard to use a bit more refreshed engine…